Bottle 52235AB - Rumming, W. E.  Put variants of this bottle on a shelf.

Embossed: (embossing arches up) W. E. RUMMING / REGST / (motif of crossed pick and shovel) / TRADE MARK / (embossing arches down) NANAIMO, B. C. (all in oval) // c // // b // (plain)
Dimensions: ? x ?
Manufacturer: Not Known
  Material: Glass Design: None Mold Type: Two Leaf Mold
  Form: Cylindrical Edge Design: None Plate Mold: Yes
  Shape: Champagne Beer Base Design: None Plate Code: None
  Sides:   Shoulder Design: None Sealed: No
      Sunken Panels: None    
Pictures: Pick Shovel
Notes: No "H" on bottom. Pint sized bottle.


1. Olive Green, Smooth Base, Tapered Collar, Hand Blown, Riley's Patent Internal Screw, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Comments: None
Contributor/Source: Pioneer Soda Water Companies of BC