Bottle 53141AC - Imbessi, Giuseppe See History  Put variants of this bottle on a shelf.

Embossed: C. 1. / (embossing arches up) GAZZOSA.TIPO.MILANO / 815 CARPENTER ST. / PHILA, PA. / REGISTERED // c //
Dimensions: 8 5/8 x 2 7/16 (5)
Manufacturer: Not Known
  Material: Glass Design: None Mold Type: Two Leaf Mold
  Form: Cylindrical Edge Design: None Plate Mold: No
  Shape: Codd Bottle Base Design: None Plate Code: None
  Sides:   Shoulder Design: None Sealed: No
      Sunken Panels: None    
Pictures: None
Notes: Bottle has two neck indents and an amber marble. Roughly translated from Italian "Milano Style Lemonade."


1. Aqua, Smooth Base, Long Tapered Collar, Hand Blown, Niagara Codd Stopper, Circulated: 1915-1916, Philadelphia, PA, United States
Comments: None
Contributor/Source: Tod von Mechow