Bottle 58913AA - Davis, A. J.  Put variants of this bottle on a shelf.

Impressed: A. J. DAVIS / PURE McNAB / HALIFAX N.S. // W. S. & Co-H //
Dimensions: 8 1/4 x ?
Manufacturer: Marked - Webster, Smith & Company
  Material: Pottery Design: None Mold Type: Free Form
  Form: Cylindrical Edge Design: None Plate Mold: No
  Shape: Champagne Ginger Beer Base Design: None Plate Code: None
  Sides:   Shoulder Design: None Sealed: No
      Sunken Panels: None    
Pictures: None
Notes: Blue wash in letters. The "c" in "McNAB" is raised. Lettering is tight. The "o" in "Co" is raised and has a dot under it.


1. Cream, Smooth Base, Long Tapered Collar, Hand Thrown, Lightning eccentric in Lip, Halifax, NS, Canada
Comments: None
Contributor/Source: Primitive Stoneware Bottles of Canada
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