What's New 2009


Over 14,400 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 100 new bottles.  Added over 265 new or improved photos, including 150 rare soda and beer bottles from the Larry Grotz collection and several more for the Dick Tucker collection.  Added 15 new pontiled soda and beer bottles including a H. Brenckman porter from Beaver Falls, a Neyhard & Jacoby late lager from Bloomsburg, a Jacob Schuster porter from Danville, a Glanz & Kuebler early lager from Easton, a F. Seitz Open pontil soda from Easton, a blue variant of the F. Seitz Improved Patent soda of Easton, a Seitz & Brothers (Brothers spelled out) porter from Easton, a J. Rudy porter from Liberty, a John Volpert porter from Minersville, a Rohn & Koehler porter from Nazareth, a David Laury porter from Slate Dam (Laury's Station), a R. Wiley porter from Port Carbon, a Scrader pony from Scranton, a Jacob Robinson pony from Scranton, a J. T. Nusbaum & Brothers from Wiessport that is misspelled.  Added a new pottery, the Bradtford Stoneware Manufacturing Company, Limited of Brantford, Ontario and attributed the previously unidentified P. B. & Co. mark as being used by Pollack Brothers & Company, who were glass and pottery jobbers in Montreal.  Moved the 2008 what's new to a History section for archiving.  Added a feature that will display a full sized image of a bottle when the user clicks on the picture displayed on SABShowBottle.

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