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37,500 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 935 new bottles.  Over 1,850 new and improved pictures have been added!   There are now nearly 26,000 bottles pictured. I still have a backlog email and auction contributions.

Added directory listings from Wilmington, DE from 1814 to 1921 where available and including some entries from surrounding towns and the rest of the state, but not inclusive nor complete by any means, from Atlanta, GA from 1859 to 1910, and where available, Macon, GA from 1860 to 1920 where available, the Hawaiian Islands from 1869 to part of 1920, Boise, ID from 1900 to 1920, where available and with some earlier entries, Buffalo, NY from 1828 to 1860 where available and some later entries, but very spotty, from Reading, PA from 1860 to 1920 with some earlier entries, from Galveston, TX from 1856 to 1888 and Houston, TX from 1866 to 1882.  Some statewide and regional directories including Southern States for 1851, Illinois for 1858, Pennsylvania for 1873, New York for 1874, and the Northwest States for 1884. Plus miscellaneous  listings from may other places around North America. There are currently over 55,250 directory listings with 25 countries that are searchable.  This includes 6 Canadian Providences, 45 US States and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  Also fixed  mapping issues that were not loading in directory listings for Potteries and Brewers Supplies.

Added 9 new pontiled bottles. A green taper toped soda marked W B Co from an unknown location. a green soda simply marked Soda & Mineral Water, an aqua soda marked W B Co all from an unknown location, a green porter from J. Brodbeck from Patterson, PA, a green porter from Adam Laubenstein, another green porter John O'Neill, a third green porter, from W. Sweeney with Union Glass Works on the reverse, and 2 blue sodas from Eugene Roussel, all from Philadelphia, PA.

Added 3 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from J. L. Kornaherns, of Jacksonville, FL, one from Powers & Turner of Bay City, MI, and one from G. Jones of .Fonda, NY.  Added 11 new Codd Stoppered bottles one from the A. Liebler Bottling Co. of New York, NY a second from Fairbanks & Snyder of Boston, MA, a third from Collins & Baker of Davenport, IA, a new variant of the Brinton & Brosius of Philadelphia, PA, one from El Salvador marked Paulino V. Carlas, La Union, and three from Mexico, one embossed Enrique I. Dardon, Misantla and two marked Gonzalo Zapata of Pachuca also 3 from Cuba marked Pijuan, Hermano & Co.  Added 1 new Roobach 1883 Patent with a bottle embossed Jos. Salomonsky of Elizabeth City, NC.  This is only the 11th bottle of this type found and the first from North Carolina.  An important find. Added 2 new Roobach 1885 Patent one with a bottle embossed G. L. Goodwin of Pequabuck, CT and a second third variant of the M. & D. Dougherty from Kansas City, MO. Added 1 new Stuarts Stopper from S. Cummings of Philadelphia, PA. Added 2 new Santi-Top stoppered bottles, one from from Harrington Bros. and also marked "Cronk Beer" from Scranton, PA and a second from the Nanticoke Bottling Works if Nanticoke, PA.

Added 2 Countries of Belize and Trinidad-Tobago as bottles were found from these countries.  Search pages and dating wizards were updated.

Added New Research Feature for Census Records initial coverage is for the states of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia all for 1850 and the Southeastern counties of Pennsylvania including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. Added a Census page that explains that these entries will only appear when the the history of a firm is searched.

Additional Newspaper Articles added 264 new articles and a couple of other referenced documents.

Added 1 New Closure a beer bottle closure by William Morganstern patented in 1874.

Added 2 New Manufacturers Agnews & Wilcox of Pittsburgh, PA and the Atlanta Glass Company of Atlanta, GA.

Updated Maps for the Caribbean and Central America for new countries.

Attributed the H & F mark to the glass jobber Hahn & Foster of New York City, updated their history and search and dating functions.

Added Several Notes for 2022 including some interesting items on early Hamilton bottles, a brewery in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Biggam's Brother identified, Benjamin Rush Lippincott of California, and a home was found for De Mott & Owen.

Moved the 2021 what's new to an archive page and created a clean version of what's new for 2022.



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