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Over 32,365 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 865 new bottlesOver 108 new and improved pictures have been added! I know that that is pretty lame and I have a huge backlog of pictures that I promise to update over the next couple of weeks.

Added 14 new pontiled bottle. A new blue Roussel soda variant, a green porter marked H. W. Echternach & Co., and a green Dyottville marked porter embossed Geo. Brady and another from Steppacher also marked Dyottville, and a different mold variant of the Headman's Excelsior Mineral Water, a Ginger Soda marked Union Glass Works with all six from Philadelphia, PA. Two new green plated porters from the Coal Regions; I Mauer from Minersville and J. G. Mayer from Ashland. A variant of the Newton fluted shoulder with a reversed "6" on the back side and from New York, NY and a variant of the XX pony form Robinson & Charlesworth also of New York.  A J. Boardman soda also from New York, NY. A blue soda from A. Favier of Washington, DC and an olive yellow early soda of the patent shape from the same firm. An aqua soda marked Allan & Co. from Saint Louis, MO.

Added 3 new Codd Patent bottle; added two Patterson Codd bottles; one dated 1901 and a hybrid code dated 1903 and one from the Standard Mineral Water Co. of Montreal, QC.  Added 5 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from F. L. Lippman of Morristown, NJ, another marked T. C. Thompson from Fulton, NY, a third from J. A. Getty from Brockport, NY, and two from Rhode Island one simply marked Rocky Point 1872 and a J. S. Hazard & Co. from Westerly.  Added 1 new Roorbach 1883 patent stopper from the Capitol Mineral Water Works of Dover, DE.  Added 1 new Roobach 1885 Floating Ball Stopper from A. C. Spatz & Bro.ther of Saugerties, NY.  Added 1 new Matthews 1872 beer stopper for Knief & Sierichs of New York. Added 1 new Thasmo stopper from Harvey & Straehle of New Rochelle, NY.

the Article, Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles with new information on  Finley & Phin of Charleston, South Carolina, some new information on R. M. Meigs of Albany, and added two new firms; A. Favier of Washington, DC, and a bottle simply marked L. D.

Added 1 Beer Closure; The earlier version of the Magic Bottle Stopper by Henry Putnam.

Added 2 new manufacturer; The Keystone Bottle Manufacturing Company of Uniontown, PA and the Southern Glass Works of Louisville, KY.

Added a five new mini-articles to the Notes section.

Moved the 2016 what's new to an archive page and created clean up what's new for 2017. 


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