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Over 36,565 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 620 new bottles.  Over 1,450 new and improved pictures have been added!   There are now over 24,000 bottles pictured. I still have a backlog email and auction contributions.

Added additional directory listings from Mobile, AL, from 1881 to 1920 with just a few years missing.  Listings from 1861 to 1880 were previously available.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to directory listings from 1839 to 1859.  Other Southern cities include Savannah, GA from 1866 to 1920 and Charleston, SC from 1790 to 1920.  Some years are missing for both cities.   Added Directory listings for Pittsfield, MA from 1859 to 1920.  Added many entries for Nevada before 1885 and some later years.  Added Directory listings from several New England, New York State, West Coast, Canada and Caribbean Business Directories.  There are currently nearly 47,500 directory listings with 22 countries that are searchable.  This includes 6 Canadian Providences, 44 US States and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Added 16 new pontiled bottles. A blue pony from T. Jewell, Cobourg, ON and a blue soda from Pilgrim & Co. of Hamilton, ON.  First new Canadian Pontiled bottle added in quite some time.  An aqua J. W. Rosa soda from Richmond, IN.  An aqua porter from Graymender & Feubel. of an unknown location, but appears to be Midwestern in origin. A new variant of a John Cable aqua soda bottle and a variant of the Rapp ten pin, both from New York, NY. A new variant of the block lettered McCormack pony from Richmond, VA.  A green porter from J. Stouffer of Tannersville, PA.  A variation of a green porter marked B. Carter, West Chester, PA.  A green and blue porter embossed J. Reynolds & Co. with Union Lava Works on the reverse, a green porter marked John O'Neill, a green porter marked H. Gallagher, an early ale marked R. K. Duffield in blue and embossed Union Glass Works, a blue porter marked M. Dever with two slug plates, and a porter marked P. Dehm, Manayunk.  The last six are from Philadelphia. 

Added 7 new Codd Patent bottles; one bottles from A. Seilheimer from Hackensack, NJ. a new variant of the Thomas & Pruyn from Great Barrington, MA, two new Pilgrim Bros. & Co. variants from Hamilton, ON, and one from the Excelsior Beverages Co. of Toronto, ON.  Added two round bottom Codds one marked H. Codd & Co. and the other with just a patent date. Added 5 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from Smith & Drury of Albion, NY, a H. Downes & Co. from New York, one from Corcoran & Ready of Jersey City, NJ, a A. Fralick from Orillia, ON,  and a variation of the F. Diffin from St. Catharines, ON.  Added 1 new Matthews 1872 Beer Stopper from G. Avery Lord of Utica, NY.  Added 1 new Stuarts Stopper, from Edgar Davis of Hicksville, NY.  Added 1 new Roobach Floating Ball Stopper from W. H. Gilmore of Bloomsburg, PA.  Added 1 new Thasmo stopper  a variant from the Excelsior Bottling Works of Greenwich, NY.

Added 1 Beer Closure; A cork fastener patented in 1885 by Alfred L. Bernardin of Evansville, IN. 

Added 1 Soft Drink Shape; The round bottom shaped Codd soda water bottle.

Added Lettering as a new attribute type and created pages for beer and soda bottler lettering types.

Updated information on the Rubin beer bottle closure, including adding an earlier patent.

Added Bottles to the Kentucky Collectors Shelf; Including a Graf & Weyd and several color variants of the mug based mineral waters.

Updated the counts on beer and soda water closures and manufacturers.

Cleaned up dead links on various pages.

Added a new page that is linked from the Directories page which has a count and date range of directory listings by Country, State, and City.

Added a country selection box to the Directories search page and associated modifications to better display of entries from various countries.

Added Several Notes for 2021 including some interesting items on early Utah bottles.

Moved the 2020 what's new to an archive page and created a clean version of what's new for 2021.

I am repeating newly added functionality at the end of 2020 in case you missed it.

Added New Directory Functionality which has a couple of components.  First, when searching for bottles for a specific firm, on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages a link called "Show History" may show up next to the name of the firm.  This link appears when there are related articles, notes, or directory listings available for the firm.  Clicking on the link will open a page listing the available articles, notes, and directory listings.  Clicking on the "Read Document" link will display the relevant information.  Second, under the "History" menu on the left side navigation bar, is a link called "Directories," which opens a page with links to glass related directories listings, by city or state, and a second link to a page that allows the user to dynamically search the database for directory listings by name, occupation, city, state and years.  When the directory listing for the firm has bottles listed on the site, the directory listing becomes a link that will list the know bottles for the firm.  Effectively, you can drill into the directories from bottles and from directories into the bottles. Nearly full coverage can be found for New Bedford, MA, Jacksonville, FL, Schenectady, NY, Amsterdam, NY, Leavenworth, KS, Providence, RI and Manchester, NH.  Partial coverage is available for Rhode Island, New Hampshire. Brooklyn and New York City thru 1859 and Philadelphia after 1864.  Other cities coverage will be spotty or not at all.  A final comment is that mainly "business" directory listings were recorded and not all firms at all times paid to be included these additional listings.  I "did not" in most cases check the individual directory listings for these firms, so even if you don't find an entry, they may be listed in the resident directory chapter of the directory.  There are currently over 29,900 directory listings on the site.

Added New Documents Functionality which attaches various excepts from books, pamphlets, or any paper document and links these to the firms that are listed on this site.  This includes bottlers, brewers, mineral water manufactures, glass works or other firms.  These documents will be included in a list of links available "Show History" link next to the firm name on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages. 

Added New Newspaper Functionality which attaches various articles from newspapers and links these to the firms that are listed on this site.  This includes bottlers, brewers, mineral water manufactures, glass works or other firms.  These articles will be included in a list of links available "Show History" link next to the firm name on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages. 

Added Bookmarks on the beer and soda closures page.  The bookmark names are revealed by hovering your mouse over the closure image.  If you hyperlink to either of these pages, and add the "#" and bookmark name to the end of the URL, the link will go directly to that page and the bookmarked closure will be shown.  To link directly to the Hutchinson closure, the following will work: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABBottleClosuresSoda.htm#Hutchinson  This functionality is also supported for manufacturers where the manufacturer number is the bookmark.  These are exposed by hovering your mouse over the manufacture mark images.  For example, to link to the Illinois Glass Company's manufacturing history, the following link including the bookmark can be used: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABBottleManufBeerSoda.htm#50414


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