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A long overdue update and the last for 2012.  A major milestone with over 25,250 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 850 new bottles.  Added over 600 new or improved photos.  Thanks to Ken Leeman for photos and listings of Shamokin, PA bottles. Thanks to 37 separate contributors for their photo submissions. 

Added 9 new pontiled bottles.  Added a very important soda bottle from Bartlett & Chase of Boston, MA.  This bottle is circulated 1818-1820. An amber W. Bosse porter from Washington, D. C. An second Archdeacon bottle from Paterson, NJ. A light green porter marked Covert from Morristown, NJ and marked Superior Porter.  A green porter marked O'Donnell from Tamaqua, PA.  A green porter from C. Tonner of Philadelphia, PA. A green variant D. T. Cox pony from Port Jervis, NY.  An aqua sided soda marked C. Abel, Franklin Avenue from Saint Louis, MO.  A green variant from R. & J. Adams of Saint Louis, MO.

Added 1 new Codd stoppered bottle from the Tiffany & Allen of Paterson, NJ. Added 4 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from S. S. Hawkins from Deposit, NY and a second from A. Brandt of Newark, NJ, and a third from M. Spreitzer of Paterson, NJ, and a fourth from J. L. Jacobs of Cairo, NY.  Added 1 new Matthews 1872 beer stopper from Louis Rush of New York City, NY.  Added 2 new Thomso stoppers one from M. C. Heald & Company from Lynn, MA. and a second from the Crystal Springs Bottling Works of Lansingburg, NY.  That brings to 30 the number of known Thasmo stoppered bottles. Added 2 new Roorbach 1885 stoppers one from M. & G. Dougherty of Kansas City, MO, and a second from John Franz of Croton Falls, NY. 

Added 3 new closures one for William Vom Hofe's pump handle (1875) closure, a second for Henry Putnam for his magic bottle stopper (1880) and a third for Elwin W. Manning (1896) and his cam closure. 
Added 8 new glass manufacturers The New England Glass Bottle Company of Cambridge, MA, the Poughkeepsie Glass Works of Poughkeepsie, NY, the Findlay Bottle Company of Findlay, Ohio, the Glenshaw Glass Company of Glenshaw, PA, the Dixie Glass Company of Tallapoosa, GA, one who marked there wares with and "O" in a triangle, and another with a "B" in a diamond, both of an unknown locations, and another that marked its bottle S. P. from also of unknown location. 

Added Bartlett & Chase to the Pioneer page of the articles on Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottlers and changed the title to "Pioneers."


Over 24,400 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 600 new bottles.  Added over 530 new or improved photos.  Many pictures and listings from New Jersey were added thanks to Kevin Kyle and members of the New Jersey Bottle Forum and listings and pictures from York County, PA thanks to Jeff Warner and Wayne Huebschman.

Added 15 new pontiled bottles.  A puce soda marked C. H. J. from and unknown location, but found in Philadelphia, PA.  A green J. McM pony marked Union Glass Works and from Mauch Chunk, PA.  This is an embossing variation of the one already listed and referred to as the "three period" variant.  Two differently embossed J. M. porter bottles one green and one blue from Tamaqua, PA.  A green and blue soda from Eugene Roussel of Philadelphia, PA. A new green A. Peterolff from Philadelphia, PA. A green porter marked A. Carlin from Philadelphia and a green porter marked P. Lafferty marked Richmond, PA, but from the Richmond section of Philadelphia, PA. A light green J. & H. Kneib pony from Erie, PA. A green porter from C. B. Hale from Camden, NJ.  A blue soda from Allen & Co. of Lumberton, NJ.  A green porter marked Craven from Newark, NJ. A green porter marked A. A. Buchanan & Co. Brown Stout from New Brunswick, NJ.  A green pony from Bell & Bennett from New Brunswick, NJ. A green soda marked R L from Salem, NJ.

Added 1 new Codd stoppered bottle from the Liebler Bottling Co. of New York City, NY. Added 2 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from George Weller from Schenectady, NY and another from G. R. Gibson from Salamanca and Jamestown, NY.  Added 1 new Sykes stopper from George Pfeiffer Jr. of Burlington, NJ.  Added 1 new Roorbach 1883 stopper from P. B. Hall from Burlington, NJ.  Added 1 new Roorbach 1885 stopper from P. B. Hall from Burlington, NJ.

Added 1 new glass manufacturer of East Lake Glass Works, of Bridgeton, NJ.  Added 1 new pottery of Francis J. Krumeich of Newark, NJ.

Added a link to Hutchbook.com that is presented whenever a Hutchinson bottle is displayed.  Two additional links will automatically search Hutchbook showing bottles with the same name or from the same town.  Others will follow. Added added 3 new collector's shelves for the important North, Central, and South Jersey soda, beer, and mineral water bottles.  Added 2 new regions of Central and North Jersey.



At the National Bottle Show in Reno, Ron Fowler announced the launch of the the online searchable database feature on his web site Hutchbook.com.  This is a historic achievement for Ron and for collectors of Hutchinson bottles.  It is the culmination of over 30 years of research that was started by Joe Nagy and was picked up after his death by Ron.

Hutchbook.com focuses on historical development of the North American soft drink industry during the 1879 to World War I Hutchinson Era. Site content includes extensively researched documentation concerning: the origin of the term "soda pop;" the evolution of bottle closures, including 30+ stopper patents often confused with Hutchinson's Patent Spring Stoppers; a history of the W. H. Hutchinson and Son company; Hutchinson's lawsuits; the American bottling system; pre-Hutchinson Era bottling; Hutchinson bottles; the Hutchinson bottling process; and much more.

Hutchbook.com's newest feature is the Hutchinson Bottle Directory, a fully searchable, free access database cataloguing extensive data about over 17,000 different Hutchinson bottles. A powerful new "Hutchinson Search" engine is the gateway to detailed data about the Hutchinson bottles utilized in all U.S. states, territories, Canadian provinces, and several foreign countries. Users have access to numerous pre-defined, printable lists of Hutchinson bottles, plus lists of bottles in popular collecting categories, such as colored and picture Hutchinsons. The database is continually updated to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate Hutchinson information available.

Hutchbook.com is designed to serve as a widely used reference source for collectors, historians, archaeologists, and other interested users. The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association (HBCA) sponsors free public access to HutchBook.com. HBCA members support and promote historical research by collecting, preserving, studying, documenting, displaying, communicating, and sharing information about the antique bottles that utilized Charles G. Hutchinson's Patent Spring Stopper.

With sodasandbeers.com and Hutchbook.com, collectors and researchers alike will have online search capabilities into just under 40,000 early soda and beer bottles.  This is an unparalleled capability that is not available to any other segment of the hobby.  Hopefully collectors will start to see some integration between the two sites providing a comprehensive look at soda and beer bottles, their history and the history of the bottling industry.


Over 23,800 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 175 new bottles.  Added over 225 new or improved photos.  Many pictures and listings from Easton, PA were added thanks to Larry Grotz and at the Bux-Mont Bottles Club meeting, bottles from Telford, PA were catalogued and photographed.

Added 1 new pontiled bottle.  A green J. B. Edwards porter from Columbia, PA.

Added 2 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from R. F.  Forgham from Lyons, NY, another from E. O'Leary & Co. from Mankato, MN.

Added 1 new glass manufacturer from an unknown firm that used the L M G mark in a triangle.

Added a new feature that links to external web sites that have addition content based on the bottle that is displayed.  Initial link is to NJBottles.com.  Others will follow.


Over 23,625 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,300 new bottles.  Added over 800 new or improved photos.  Thanks to Larry Grotz for the almost complete listing and pictures of Bethlehem, PA bottles in addition to countless other pictures.  Credit to Grant Wardian for listings and pictures from Northwestern, PA bottles.  Thanks to Jacob Kalb for listings and pictures of Delaware bottles and Nic Meyer for Bay City and Saginaw, MI listings and photos. Continued thanks Connor Rush for listings and photos from Montclair, the Oranges, and Metro-New York bottles.  And I cannot forget all the listings from member of the New Jersey Bottle Forum, which have pushed the number of listed New Jersey bottles to over 2,250 bottles.   

With the permission of Ray Klingensmith, who runs an insulator and bottle auction called Pole Top Discoveries & Glass Discoveries Collector Services out of Parkman, OH,  photos of  soda, beer and mineral water bottles from his auctions will be added to individual bottle listings.  Visit Ray's site at www.glassdiscoveries.com.  A BIG Sodas & Beers THANKS to Ray for allowing us to use his photos on the site!

Added 18 new pontiled bottles.  Including two Saratoga Springs bottles; an early half pint Lynch & Clarke and a John Clark salt jar.  A new blue soda bottles from Eugene Roussel with soda waters on the reverse and no glass house marking.  Added an green soda from William Jolley of an unknown city, but appears to be a New York State bottle. An early green soda from W. M. Fraser of New York city, NY.  From New Jersey, a Bell & Bennett porter marked Philadelphia Porte & Ale from New Brunswick, NJ, a green A. A. Buchanan & Co. soda marked Camden Glass Works also from New Brunswick, NJ,  a L. Craft porter marked Union Glass Works from Burlington, NJ, a green pony marked, Craven & Murphy from Newark, NJ, a blue pony from J. R. Donaldson of Newark, NJ, a blue porter from T. & R. Morton of Newark, NJ, a blue sided A. L. Rapp & Co. variant with out the reversed "J" from Newark, NJ,  a green porter from E. I. Stahl & Brother from Newark, NJ, a green porter marked J. Hollinshead, Camden, NJ, a fatter green porter from G. A. Kohl of Lambertville, NJ, a green porter marked J. Hezel, Trenton, NJ., A green porter marked only J. R. in a plate, and finally green porter for C. Pfahler from York, PA. 

Added 1 new Codd stoppered bottle from J. W. Sutherland of Hamilton, ON. Added 3 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from D. T. Sweeny  from Key West, FL, a Cleminshaw & Co. from Troy, NY, and a R. P. Lewis & Son from Albany, NY.  Added one new Matthews 1872 beer stopper form James Mabbett of Rome, NY. Added 1 new Thasmo stopper bottle from T. M. Whitford from Orange, NJ.  Added 2 new Floating Ball stopper bottle from T. J. Murphy from Bordentown, NJ, a second from E. K. Griffith & Son from Bridgeton, NJ.

Added 4 new closures one for Wallace Bates (1875) and his cam closure, one for Frank C. White (1886) and his metal cap, a second for Martin Landenburger (1901) and his glass bail stopper, and Louis Strebel's Globe Porcelain bail stopper (1903) and corrected the patent info on his later 1903 patent.  These were all for beer bottles.  Broke out the American Screw Stopper as a separate item.

Added 6 new glass manufacturers The Charles Boldt Glass Company of Muncie, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Bushwick Glass Works of Brooklyn, NY. The F. E. Reed Glass Company of Rochester, NY,  the Erie Glass Company of Port Colborne, ON, and  unknown firm of A. C. S. & Co., E. Glass Works, and M. Glass Company. Added 3 new potters John Ebey and George Ebey, these brothers operated in various towns in Southern Illinois and the Denver Stoneware Company of Denver, CO.

Added a new book link for Key West soda and beer bottles titled Treasures in the Sun available from the author Larry Smith, 122 Rosewood Cir, Jupiter, FL 33458 at a price of $25.00 and $3 shipping.

Added 6 new page to support a geographic search of bottles and firms.  This feature allows you to drill down to the bottles or bottlers in a specific town.


Over 22,325 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 325 new bottles.  A number of new Montana bottles were added from the book A Bottle Guide To Montana by Marc Lutsko.  I believe that Montana is now close to complete.  Added a number of bottles, with pictures, from the Upper Bux-Mont area of Pennsylvania thanks to David Buck.  More bottles listings and pictures from North-west New Jersey from Aaron Bechtel.  Added over 240 new or improved photos.

I got the new book Bottles In Illinois and synced up the web site listings that I had with the illustrations in the book for bottles that were pottery, pontiled or with unusual closures.  You will see the references in the variant notes with "BII Figure" followed by the illustration number.  The exact additions are listed later in these notes.

Added 33 new pontiled bottles.  Added an aqua pony from J. Fischer of Belleville, IL, a J. Weisbach pony from Alton, IL; an aqua A. & F. X. Joerger pony from Alton, IL; two aqua ponies from Fischer & Ab Egg; various colored L. A. Egg pony and two different Clark bottles and a barrel shaped beer bottle from T. Herberer Bros. all from Belleville, IL; a blue variant of the Hedlund & Co and a blue Hedlund, both from Chicago, IL.; a new blue variant of the Hutchinson & Co. soda from Chicago, IL; an aqua T. Kane porter from Chicago, IL; Three black glass porters from Taylor & Brother of Chicago, IL; three black glass porters and a blue pony from J. Evans of Galena, IL; a black glass porter from Volz & Glueck of Galena, ILL;  two aqua pony bottles from James E. Eaton of Galena, IL; two Mueller & Beck aqua ponies from Highland, IL; a light green sided soda from Weber & Anton from Highland, IL. a S. M. Hickey pony and two R. Hickey & Co ponies from La Salle, IL; an aqua R. Hickey pony and a E. J. Humphreys soda from Peoria, IL; a Daniel Kaiser soda in various colors and Kaiser "quart" sided soda from Quincy; IL.

Added 3 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from William Galterman from Danville, IL; a D. H. Kammann from Kankakee; IL.; a James J. Allison from Nelson, IL 3 new Kelley stopper bottle one from F. C. Lang of Chicago, IL; a second from Wm, Hausburg of Chicago, IL. and a third from G. Wurster of Chicago, IL.  Added 1 New Floating Ball stopper bottle; from Charles Demont of Sanford, FL.  Added 1 new Christin stopper bottle from J. A. Lomax from Chicago, IL.

Added 1 new design a barrel shape.

Added a new page for Mavericks and search to identify bottles that are from firms whose location is not known.  Improved the search results page to now show what the results are for.  This required updating the pages that feed this page.  Moved the 2011 what's new to an archive page and created clean up what's new for 2012.  Added Milk as a new category for milk bottles that look like soda or beer bottles.  Added a new rare bottle to the Wheeling Virginia's Collector Shelf and added 1 new collector's shelf for the earliest pontiled soda and mineral water bottles.   Updated the counts for manufactures, closures, lips and shapes. Fixed an issue in the database extract process that was preventing Cuban bottles from being loaded.



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