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Last update for 2014.  Over 28,950 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added all of the vulcanizing bottles, which look like porter or ginger beer bottles, I could locate to the web site. Synced up my Key West and Southern Florida listings with Treasures in the Sun and Antique Florida Soda Bottles both by Larry Smith.  I used the TS-KWxx numbering convention for Key West and FB-MIA & FB-WPB for Miami and West Palm Beach.  My photo editing software is still not operational.  A computer upgrade is likely in my future. 

Added 2 new pontiled bottles. An A. Nicholson porter from Pittsburgh, PA with the reverse embossing reversed and an E. Enochs early ale from Philadelphia, PA.

Added 2 new glass manufacturers; The Franklin Industrial Company of Warwick, OH who marked their bottles "F. I. Co." and the Allentown Flint Bottle Company of Allentown, PA.


Over 28,800 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,200 new bottles. Thanks to Charlie Dascenz, all known Cream Sodas are now listed.  Major additions were added to British Columbia, Minnesota, and Arkansas.  The additions for British Columbia covers all known bottles and is based on the Pioneer Soda Water Companies of BC by Bill Wilson & Jim Askey, Transfer Printed Ginger Beers Of Canada and Primitive Stoneware Bottles of Canada by Phil Culhane & Scott Wallace, and a thorough search of the Internet.  This represents likely the most complete listing of any state or Province in North America.  The additions for Minnesota are courtesy of Austin Fjerestad's book Minnesota Soda Water Works and includes all pre-Hutch bottles and at least one bottle from each town in Minnesota that had pre-crown bottles.  The additions for Arkansas are courtesy of Johnny Fletchers's book Arkansas Bottles & Jugs and includes all pre-Hutch bottles and at least one bottle from each town in Arkansas that had pre-crown bottles. My photo editing software no longer works and all attempts to revive it were unsuccessful.  I have about 600 pictures that need to be added.  A computer upgrade is likely in my future. 

Updated the  Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles article adding a new Boyd bottle and Haddock & Sons narrative, which has finally been attributed to New York City.

Added 21 new pontiled bottles. First an new Open Pontiled Boyd & Son from Baltimore.  This variant is much taller and thinner than the other two known half pint bottles.  A new variant of the Blossom's Badger Ale from Milwaukee, WI. A green J. & S. W.  Harvey Porter Ale & Cider from Norwich, CT.  Added blue variant marked J. Cairns & Co. form Saint Louis, MO, an aqua soda and a green pony each marked Lang & Wagner from Hollidaysburg, PA.  A green porter marked G. A. Klauder, Tamaqua, PA.  A green porter with Espy on a neck band from Philadelphia, PA. A green porter marked Dyottville Glass Works and Geo. Archer of Philadelphia, PA, and another Dyottville marked P. Monaghan from Philadelphia, PA, another Dyottville marked Ehrismann & Co. from the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. a blue porter marked H. G. Douglass and Union Glass Works from Philadelphia, PA, a new D. O'Kane porter, making 11 from his establishment.  A different sized Eagle Glass Works from Philadelphia. PA.  A variant of the Harris & Son from Albany without the Union Glass Works mark.  A green porter from C. Cleminshaw of Troy, NY, and marked Philadelphia XXX Porter & Ale. A new variant of the M. C. Wilber bottle of New York, NY, and a blue Baldwin, Tuthill & Co. pony from New York, NY and a Crystal Palace without the Union Glass Works mark.  A small sized Henry porter from Steubenville, OH. A blue pony with a mug base and embossed R. Y. McC and from an unknown firm.

Added 1 new Fullerton Stopper, the fifth example marked Joseph C. Blank of New York City, NY. Added 1 new 1864 ABC Co Stopper of M. Richardson of Lockport, NY. A second vom Hofe stopper bottle, which is shaped like pump handle, has been found.  This bottle is on an attractive Val. Blatz bottle from Chicago, IL.  Added 22 new Gravitating Stopper bottles one from J. R. Glendinnin g of Halifax, NS, one from Horn & Tonsmeire of Mobile, AL and another from Paxton & Co. of Port Perry, ON, Canada, a third from Starr Brotehrs & Smith, from Brockville, ON, Canada.  A fourth from the Marysville Soda Works from Marysville, CA. A Smith & Knecht from Alton, IL.  A M. Hefter from Hornellsville, NY.  Several from Minnesota including an Albertson stopper from Barnds & Massolt of Minneapolis, two from William Massolt of Minneapolis, Sheeran, Misgen & Filler from Faribault, a H. Frenzel of New Ulm, T. Keirland of Rushford, a J. C. Tusen from Albert Lea, W. Fakler and D. Fakler, both of Winona, and three different form Jacob Ries of Shakopee., one from the Bedford Bottling Works of Bedford, PA, a Peter Rice, of Paterson, NJ, a Z. A. Barnes from Eufaula, AL, and a C. B. Wells from Macon, GA. Added 2 New Codd Patent bottles; one marked No 81 in a star from H. Codd & Co. New York, NY. An Ashworth & Jackson Codd from Lonsdale, RI. Added 2 new Roorbach 1885 patent bottles, one marked Mulheam & Dorian of Lansford, PA., another marked Wood & Merritt, Brewster, NY. Added 1 new Thasmo Stopper bottle from P. L. Fritz of Rhinebeck, NY.

Added 1 new glass manufacturer; The K. G. Co., 1 new pottery; Thomas & Mendell of West Maysville, KY and 2 new jobbers; Conrad L. Meyer, a glass jobber of New York City, NY, and the Standard Bottlers' Supply Company of Newark, NJ.  Updated the count of bottles for each manufacturer.

Add 1 new category.  Automotive, for small porter shaped bottles that held a solution to patch rubber tire inner-tubes. 

Add 2 new Closures.  The first is Charles C. Haley's Automatic Bottle Stopper and another very early unknown beer bottle closure called the Castner as the inventor is not known.  Updated counts for each closure.

Add 1 new Lip.  The long tapered with indentation for a bail stopper.  Updated counts for each lip style.

Add 5 shapes.  Created and assigned all cream sodas to a new shape called "Cream Soda." The "Standard Milk" shape, very rarely used to bottle mineral or table waters, the "Seltzer Shape" in both normal and round bottom forms, and the "Vial" shape.  Changed "Malt Porter" to "Malt Extract."  Updated counts for each shape.

Added new plate mold codes and added Identifiers, like a glass house name or other id, to the attributes search. 

Moved the 2013 what's new to an archive page and created a clean version of what's new for 2014. 



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