What's New 2019


Over 32,365 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,095 new bottlesOver 3,264 new and improved pictures have been added!  Thanks to David Tingen for a huge contribution of North Carolina bottles with many new listings (from 92 to 139 NC bottles) and pictures and Sam Greenberger who sent in hundreds of pictures from across the United States.   I was not able to process them all before this yearend update.

Added 7 new pontiled bottle. A green pony marked L. L. Hutchins & Co. from Wilmington, N. C., an aqua G. H. Timmermann & H. Grone soda from Saint Louis.  A blue M. C. Wilbur of New York, NY, a new mold for a blue R. & C. pony also from New York, NY, a green soda from Luke Beard, a green porter marked G & N with plates on the front and back (possibly a NJ bottle) and a green P. Duross  porter with an oval slug plate from Philadelphia, PA.

Added 4 new Codd Patent bottle; two bottles from Manzanares & Pena from El Salvador and one from H. F. Cleeve.  This bottle was found in Montreal and a H. F. Cleeve was in Montreal during the period 1875-1880.  Also a No 75 from Codd & Co. of New York. Added 8 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from Oakley of Newburg, NY, another from Isaac Crans from Middletown, NY, another from Excelsior Bottling Works of Schenectady, NY, another from F. X. Spitzagel from Buffalo, N. Y., one from John Decker of Owego, NY and another variation of the S. C. Palmer from Washington, DC. A Ch. Bauer from LA Porte, IND.  Also a first large sized bottle from James Condon from Walden, NY.  Added 1 new A. B. C. Co. beer stopper for Vincent & Hathaway. Added 1 new Thasmo stopper from Wm. Tallman of Greensboro, NC.

the Article, Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles with new information on the Bryan (Bryham) bottle from New York and the addition of another early bottle from Alexander T. Blake from Cincinnati from the 1835-1839 period.

Added 1 Beer Shape; The Lemon Beer shape that was used in the Great Lakes region to bottle lemon, root, sarsaparilla, and Cronk beers. It was the glass replacement for pottery bottles used previously.

Added 1 Beer Closure; The Dreyfuss porcelain stopper patented in 1895.

Added 3 Soda Closures; The Weatherbee Cork Fastener of 1869, the Otto Cork Fastener of 1871 and the Beardsley 1887 marble closure.

Changed 1 Soda Closure; Change the previously listed Lo Bue Closure to the correct Lamont 1880 Closure.

Changed 1 Beer Closure; Change the previously listed Darlington/Gross Closure to the correct Hammer 1883 Closure.

Added 2 new manufacturers; The New Albany Glass Works of New Albany Indiana and the firm of Pastorius, Schulz & Company of Lower St. Clair, Pennsylvania who operated the Iron City Glass Works.  Also updated notes for Alexander Arbogast and added more entries to the Pittsburgh Directories page. Added known license numbers to the H. Codd & Company Manufacturer Notes Page.

Added Costa Rica and El Salvador as a new Countries as a bottle has been found from each of them.

Added five new mini-articles to the Notes section.

Added a Category for Whiskey.  For whiskey bottles that look like soda or beer bottles.

Cleaned up images on Patent Drawings;

Reorganized the Samuel Smith listings and cities are now under a single firm entity instead of three different ones.

Moved the 2017 what's new to an archive page and created created a clean version of what's new for 2018. 


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