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Over 27,600 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,600 new bottles.  Added over 725 new or improved photos. 

Add 4 new glass manufacturer catalogues.  Including 2 for Cumberland Glass Manufacturing Co. of Bridgeton, NJ, Illinois Glass Co. of Alton, IL and North Baltimore Bottle & Glass Co. of Terre Haute, IN. The links are available under the attributes menu and then under manufacturers with the catalogue link.  The links are also available by manufacturer on the manufactures page by clicking on the catalogue icon (Catalogue).

Updated the Early Soda and Mineral Water article with additional information on Thomas Greenleaf Chase (The Pioneers), and two new bottles and their histories; John Moon of Philadelphia, PA and John Maicks of Reading, PA. Also added links to bottles of related firms mentioned in the articles.

Added 28 new pontiled bottles.  Added two porters from Whitehead, Ihmsam & Phillips of Pittsburgh, PA, a green porter variant marked G. W. Brandt and Dyottville Glass Works from Carlisle, PA, a blue soda from John Kantner of Reading, PA, an amber J. Maick early soda from Reading, PA, fourteen (yes 14) new pontiled bottles from Philadelphia a scar pontiled J. Moon Improved Patent OP type soda, an oval plate marked J. Scherhammer and another marked P. P. Blasse, a green double plated porter marked J. Reynolds, a second double plate porter with only a partial name of F. M. in the plate, a green porter marked F. Bode, another marked R. Humphrey, another marked J. Montgomery, another marked S. McCormick, another marked Planck & Haeffners, a new P. Conway porter marked Union Glass Works and Brown Stout, a porter from the same mold and marked Union Glass Works Brown Stout , but with an empty plate,a new Dyottville porter in green and blue (one in blue is a first for a Dyottville porter and a deviation from the Dyottville green) from Philadelphia, PA,  a green porter marked Jas. Duffin, Port Richmond (section of Philadelphia), PA, a Brown & Reid, from PA (suspects are Philadelphia or Lancaster), a salt jar from Clarke & White of Saratoga, NY, A blue soda from F. Gleason of Rochester, NY without the reversed letters, A Dr. C. L. Whitney's Patent Soda & Mineral Waters from New York, NY, A blue mugbase marked Elmer & Turell of Rossville (Staten Island), NY, a pontiled version of the J. T. Brown Torpedo from Boston, a green pony from Stephan C. Heald of Lynn, MA, a sided aqua soda marked M. Wange from Indianapolis, IN, and a yellow green J. Cairns & Co. variant form Saint Louis, MO.

Added 3 new Gravitating Stopper bottles; one from Bennett & Ketchum of Meadville, PA. and two from L. H. Kerlee of Little Rock, A  Added 2 new Albertson stopper bottles from William S. Kinch of Paterson, NJ.  Added 5 New Codd Patents; one marked La Reina and two variations of The Dominion Soda Water Co. Ltd, both of Montreal, QE, one from Corea & Company and second from R. T. Samuels both of St. Vincent.  Added 5 new Roorbach 1885 patent bottles, one from Emil Marcotte of Taunton, MA, and another from the Westfield Bottling Co. of Westfield, MA, a third fro the Claxton Bottling Works in Claxton, GA, a fourth from the Hammack  Lucas Mfg Co of Atlanta, GA, and a fifth from William Leary of Chester, PA.  Added 1 new Universal Seal Stopper bottle from Charles G. Eckinger of Harrisburg, PA.

Added 7 new glass manufacturer; The Cumberland Glass Manufacturing Co. of Bridgeton, NJ., Gaynor Glass Works of Salem, NJ, Whitehead, Ihmsen & Phillips of Pittsburgh, PA, The Modes Glass Co. of Cicero, IN, Owens Bottle Co. of Toledo, OH, The Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Company of Chattanooga, TN, and Nuttall & Co. Ltd. of St. Helens, England.  Add 2 new potteries; Sipe, Nichols & Co. of Williamsport, PA, and Western Pottery Manufacturing Company of Denver, CO. Added 1 new glass jobber; H. B. Sleeman of London.  Added additional notes to the Frederick Heitz Glass Works.

Add 3 new closure.  A soda bottle closure patented by John Schrink in 1875, a lever stopper made by the Keystone Stopper Company for beer bottles,  and the Kork-N-Seal closure patented in 1906.

Added a new category of Fire Extinguisher.

Added the Virgin Islands (U. K.) as a new country.

Added the Virgin Islands (U. S.) as a new State.


Over 26,000 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 325 new bottles.  Added over 275 new or improved photos.  Thanks to Ed Nikles for contributing many listings for Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Thanks to the Bux-Mont Bottle Club members and Mark Spangler for coverage of Abraham R. Cox bottles, listings and photographs, spanning the 45 years Cox was in business.

Added a new feature that documents glass manufacturer catalogues.  These will attempt to identify the specific molds and the bottles that were made in them and will be a valuable reference to early soda bottle researchers.  The links are available under the attributes menu and then under manufacturers with the catalogue link.  Links are also available from the manufactures information on the manufactures page by clicking on the catalogue icon (Catalogue).  The first catalogue is for the Diamond Glass Company of Royersford, PA. 

Added 12 new pontiled bottles.  Added an aqua soda of J. F. Miller from Davenport, IA, an aqua pony from Christ & Heblich of Evansville, IN, a Stoddard Stubby marked R. R. on the shoulder and from an unknown location, a green soda marked M. Kom and Great Western, a green soda marked E. Gudyjunst, Jersey Shore, PA, a quart sized porter marked C. Matchin of Danville, PA, a green porter marked Take & Veile Lager Beer, from Easton, PA, which to date has only been known in smooth base, three new A. R. Cox bottles including two different green porters and a taper toped green soda, a quart porter with a blank plate and likely a Dyottville product, and a new variation of the Roussel ten pin that does not have "Phil.a" under the glass works marking.

Added 2 New Sykes 1883 Patents; one from Philip Brown of Haverstraw, NY, and a second from Fred Thorn of Wilkes Barre, PA. 

Added 1 new collector's shelf for early Norristown, PA bottles.


Over 25,675 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 425 new bottles.  Added over 225 new or improved photos.

Added a new search feature that allows you to search for bottles from a point on a map or near your location.

Added 4 new pontiled bottles.  Added a green pony from Morton Bros of Newark, NJ, a new variant of a Bridgeton Glass Works pony from Bridgeton, NJ, a S. Keys beer from Burlington, NJ, which was previously reported but in smooth base, and a new C. Abel sided variation from Saint Louis, MO.

Added 1 new Gravitating stopper bottles; one from P. H. from an unknown location. Added 1 New Matthews 1872 Patent; from D. T. Sweeny of Key West, FL.

Add 1 new closure.  A beer bottle closure patented by William S. Dorman in 1903. 

Added 4 new glass manufacturers The Duquesne Glass Company of Paden City, West Virginia, the VanKueren & Stone Bottle Company of Roulette, PA, Baker Brothers & Company of Baltimore, MD, and the Old Dominion Glass Company of Alexandria, VA.  The notes for Old Dominion are very extensive and paint an interesting picture of the history of that works.  Updated the counts of bottle produced by the various glass manufactures on the manufactures page.

Added plate mold codes for bottles embossed "THE PROPERTY OF" over the plate.  The codes are T201G, T201N, T250N, TP201, and TP250.

Added Jamaica as a new country.

Moved the 2012 what's new to an archive page and created a clean version of what's new for 2013. 

additional entries for 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1909 to the Pittsburgh Directories page.


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