What's New 2010


Over 19,675 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 300 new bottles. Added over 375 new or improved photos.

I greatly expanded the collector's shelf feature.  The shelf is now built dynamically.  The link on the home page now displays a page describing the collector's shelf feature and lists pre-built shelves.  This feature was added to the search results, show bottles, manufacturers, beer, and soft drink closures pages.  Whenever you see the shelf icon Shelf It, click on it to put the bottles selected or featured on a virtual collector's shelf.  Only bottles with pictures will be displayed.  Except for the pre-built collector's shelves listed on the collector's shelf page and the show bottles page, only the first picture for a bottle will be displayed and the shelf only holds eighty bottles.  To show all of the pictures for a bottle on a shelf, click on the bottle's image to display the bottle's detailed page and then click on the shelf icon next to the bottle title.  This will display all of the pictures for that bottle.

Added quick reference to the icons for mapping and collector's shelf features to the home page.

Added 3 new pontiled bottles.  An aqua pony from Fraser & Co. of Buffalo, NY and marked Lancaster Glass Works.  This is the first pontiled bottle form that works that is marked with a bottler's name. An early open pontiled soda from J. W. Garrison of Louisville, KY, added an aqua pony from W. Wright & Co., of Louisville, KY.

Added 1 new Codd stopper bottle from Louis Lawrence of Nanaimo, BC.  Added 1 new Albertson stopper from G. Dennis of Geneva, NY. Added 1 New Gravitating stopper from Ferry & Willits of Atlantic City, NJ.  Added 1 new Christin stopper bottle from Coffin & Co. of El Paso, TX.

Added 2 new  glass manufacturers; Owens-Illinois Glass Co. of Toledo, OH and Reed and Company in Massillon, OH and 1 new glass jobber, Haggerty Brothers & Co. of New York, NY.


Over 19,375 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added over 150 new or improved photos.

I added additional geospatial features to the site.  A mapping feature was added to the search results page and to the beer and sodas closures pages.  Where ever you see the Compass Icon (compass icon), you can simply click on it to display a map showing the distribution of the bottles listed.  This powerful feature will be useful to bottle researchers and those interested in the use of bottles regionally.

I added a concept page called the collector's shelf highlighting Pottsville bottles.  If well received, I will try and make this feature more widely offered.  The link is on the home page only.

Added 3 new pontiled bottles.  A green porter with an oval plate marked E. N. Ladley Germantown, from Philadelphia, PA. and two more Pottsville bottles one green pony marked F. C. Kuentzler with Bodine & Son on the reverse from Pottsville, PA and a green porter from the same firm and marked Dyottville Glass Works.

Added 1 new Gravitating stopper bottle from C. F. Goodman of Omaha, NE, who also produced a bitters.


Over 19,225 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 225 new bottles. Added over 300 new or improved photos.  A large number of the new photos are from Pennsylvania's Coal Region.  A special thanks to Larry Grotz, Bob Trevorah, Jay Vonderhey, Jim Fritz, and Con Stoffregen for pictures of their bottles from this region.

Added 10 new pontiled bottles.  A green porter from G. Suessman of Hazleton, PA, a quart sized olive green porter marked F. C. Kuentzler and Dyottville Glass Works on the base from Pottsville, PA., a green porter marked C. Sheetz from Pottsville, PA, an aqua pony from M. J. Seibert and marked Union Glass Works, from Pottsville, PA, a green porter marked H. Rosengarten and Dyottville Glass Works, from Pottsville, PA, an aqua soda from E. H. Huntington believed to be from Penn Yan, NY, an olive green western porter marked T. T. B. of Covington, KY, an blue soda variant of the Willis & Ripley soda from Portsmouth, OH, a blue pony from Pomeroy & Co. from Pittsfield, MA, and an olive green porter marked L. Petersen Philadelphia XXX Porter & Ale from Petersburg, VA.  Is Pottsville the new Philadelphia? 5 new pontiled bottles from Pottsville have been recorded since March and only 1 new Philadelphia pontiled bottle has shown up!  Usually Philadelphia has added 8 to 15 new pontiled bottles a year for the last 20 years.  Philly diggers are being shown up by their upstate kin!

Added 2 new Gravitating stopper bottle with two variants from George Ware of Cincinnati, OH. and 1 new Roorbach Floating Ball stopper from M. & G. Dougherty of Kansas City, MO.

Updated the color pages to replace the coloring agent magnesium, incorrect, with manganese, correct, as a decolorizing agent.


As a first step, I added geospatial features to the site.  I have long wanted to include a mapping function and it was on my original feature list.  Now, courtesy of Google Maps API version 3, I have added mapping features to the manufactures page and have plans to add it to the firm search and attribute search pages.  Two maps are available; one that maps the locations of glass houses, potteries and glass jobbers and a second that maps the location of brewers and bottlers that used bottles from a specific supplier.  This required geo coding over 10,000 firms at a city level in most cases.  Geo coding to the street address would provide better presentation, but I could not roll this out in any reasonable timeframe and I do not know the address of most of the firms.  An algorithm was applied to ensure that all the bottles from one city did not end up stacked one on top of the other, but this in some cases pushed the markers into areas where that are not within the boundaries of the targeted city or town.  Clicking on the markers will provide information (some pictures) and links to more information in a balloon box.

Over 19,000 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added over 100 new or improved photos.

Added 2 new pontiled porters.  One from A. Raab of Tamaqua, PA and a second with Eagle Works of Philadelphia, PA slugged out.

Added 1 new Codd stopper bottle from Chas. Potts & Co., from Cincinnati, OH. Added 1 new Thasmo stopper bottle from A. R. Stanton of Lewiston, ME. Add 1 new patent dated only Roorbach 1885 patent and a Roorbach 1883 patent from C. C. Haley & Co. of Newark, NJ.

Added 2 new closures; both for soda water bottles.  The first for A. Stone & Co. and the second from E. Wattis, Jr., both of Philadelphia.


Over 18,850 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added over 200 new or improved photos.

Added 1 new Saratoga type mineral water from Bordine's Magnetic & Medicinal Spring of Eaton Rapids, MI.  This is the third firm using bottles of this type from Eaton Rapids.

Added 3 new Gravitating stopper bottles one from T. E. HICKEY, from Providence, RI, another from J. L. Weil of Titusville, PA, and one from Duncan & Randall of Newark, NY.

Added 1 new  glass jobber; A. G. Smalley & Co. of Boston, MA.  Added additional directory listings for Boston glass manufacturers. View them here:  Boston glass works


Over 18,700 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added over 100 new or improved photos.

Added 1 new pontiled bottle, a green porter from G. A. Kohl of Lambertville, NJ.

Added 1 new Gravitating stopper bottles from K. Jordan & Co., from Detroit, MI.  Jordan & Company were only in business for 1 year in 1871.

Added 1 new  glass manufacturer; J. T. & A. Hamilton of Pittsburgh, PA.  Added additional directory listings for Pittsburgh glass manufacturers.


Over 18,550 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 100 new bottles. Added over 150 new or improved photos.

Added 2 new pontiled bottle a green pony  from the Honesdale Glass Works of Honesdale, PA and a teal pony of Andrew McFarland from Philadelphia, PA, erroneously marked J. McFarland and marked Union Glass Works.

Added 1 new Codd bottle from M. T. BERGAN & Co. from Columbus, GA.  The first from Georgia. 15 States and the District of Columbia are now known to sport Codds.  Added 2 new Gravitating stopper bottles, one from H. H. Potter of  Norwich, CN, and another from William Massolt of Minneapolis, MN.


Over 18,450 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 50 new bottles. Added over 100 new or improved photos.

Add 1 new pontiled bottle a green John Rodloffe pony form Hamburg, PA.

Added 1 new  pottery that of J. F. Weeks of Akron, OH.


Over 18,400 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 100 new bottles. Added over 200 new or improved photos.  Nearly 4,800 (26%) individual molds have at least one picture with over 6,700 total pictures. 

With the permission of John Pastor, who runs a bottle auction called American Glass Gallery out of New Hudson, MI,  photos of  soda, beer and mineral water bottles will be added to individual bottle listings.  Visit John's site at www.americanglassgallery.com.  A BIG Sodas & Beers THANKS to John for allowing us to use his photos on the site!

Added 3 new pontiled bottle including a green porter from J. W. Krell & Co. from Tamaqua, PA, a green porter marked Dyottville Glass Works from G. Rosengarten and a green porter from Wingert & Gresel both of Pottsville, PA.
Added 1 new  glass manufacturer known as the Scranton Glass Company of Dunmore, PA.

Added 1 new closure for beer bottles invented by Anthony F. McDonnell in 1908 and called the Sani-Top Bottle and Cap closure. 


Over 18,300 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 50 new bottles. Added over 150 new or improved photos.

With the permission of Norman C. Heckler & Company, who run  bottle auctions out of Woodstock Valley, CN,  photos of high end soda, beer and mineral water bottles will be added to individual bottle listings.  Visit the Heckler Auctions' site at www.hecklerauction.com.  A BIG Sodas & Beers THANKS to Norm and company for their contribution!
Added the an unknown manufactures mark of an "S" in a shield as new glass manufacturer and William M. Schwenker as a jobber of beer bottles.

Modified search by bottle number to order its results by bottle number. 


Over 18,250 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 150 new bottles. Added over 250 new or improved photos.

With the permission of Crocker Farms, Inc., who run  pottery auctions at the York Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania, photos of stoneware bottles will be added to individual bottle listings.  Visit the Crocker Farms site at www.crockerfarm.com.  A BIG Sodas & Beers THANKS to Crocker Farms for their contribution!  Pictures from past auctions were added to the site. 
Added 7 new pontiled soda and beer bottles including an unbelievable blue soda with paneled shoulder and an image of an Aloe Vera plant embossed on it, a green porter marked J. Eadie, another marked B. Thornton, and a third marked Michael Mount, all of Philadelphia, PA., green porters from Grell & Co. and D. Matz, both of Tamaqua, PA, and a Brummel & Byrne porter variation form Richmond.

Just goes to show you that as soon as you publish you are out of date.  Proof in fact that 5 new Codd bottles were added to the site including a Fred Cook from New York City, NY, an E. Stanton from Troy, NY, a Star Bottling Works from Houston, a new variation of a Gove & Co. from Boston, MA. with the name spelled incorrectly, and a No. 69 star from New York City.  Also added one new Gravitating stopper bottle from  H. Cortes from Galveston, TX.

Added the Fairmont Bottle Company, of Fairmont WV, and Whitall-Tatum Company of Philadelphia, PA as new glass manufacturers.

Added London Porter as a new beer bottle shape.  This was a specialty shape meant to imitate bottles from England and used by firms that specialized in bottling London porter. Added the Lehigh Valley as a region that includes Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania and Warren County in New Jersey.  Archived 2009 what's new entries to their own page.

Added searches by bottle number and search by height or width measurement ranges. 


Well it has been over a year since my last web site update and I hope to make future updates more frequent.  This is a big update as is covered in the notes below.  In summary, over 18,100 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 3,700 new bottles.  With the addition of over 2,250 new or improved photos, 4,450 bottles, about 25%, are now illustrated with 6,100 photos  
All names stating with "A" to "Z" consisting of over 3,200 primitive stoneware bottles are now listed on the site.  All stoneware bottles from David Graci's books American Stoneware Bottles and (More) American Stoneware Bottles and Scott Wallace & Phil Culhane's book Primitive Stoneware Bottles of Canada have been research and added to the site.  Many that were not attributed previously have been identified as to the towns of their origin.  Many thank to the authors for permission to use these listings.

A major addition to the site was a cataloguing of Baltimore beer bottles.  This includes all pontiled, smooth-based and pottery bottles.  Many thanks to Chris Vaught for allowing me to spend seven days cataloging and photographing his collection over a one year period.  Over 750 bottles of Baltimore and branch breweries are now catalogued on the site with over 1,100 variants.  This listing greatly expands the existing works by listing different variations in embossing and glass maker's marks.  Jim Ross' numbering system was expanded for the later bottles to assist collectors in cross-referencing their collections.  Most of the bottles are fully documented with exact embossing, measurements and photographs.  BIG THANKS Chris for making this happen and Lisa for putting up with the two crazed collectors in the basement!

Another major addition of content was provided by Larry Grotz with the addition of over 1,000 bottles.  Larry lent me his card catalogues of Lehigh Valley, Coal Region, Northeastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey bottles.  Although not a comprehensive listing, it greatly expands the coverage in those areas.  More to come from Larry.  A BIG THANKS to you Larry.

Kudos also to the following, Ron Fowler for pictures of Washington and Oregon soda bottles, Tim Houser for a comprehensive listings and photos of Monroe County Pennsylvania bottles, Gregg Wilson for listings and photos of unusual closure bottles from across North America, Bob Trevorah for pictures of Coal Region bottles, Carl Schultz for a comprehensive listing and photos of Schultz bottles from New York, and various other contributors of individual photos or listings.  I even added photos of most of the known stoneware bottles from Philadelphia.

Added 49 new pontiled soda and beer bottles including an H. Croasdill open pontiled mineral water from Philadelphia, PA., an open pontiled Ambos & Co. soda from Columbus, OH, a early ale with and open pontil marked COE XX and found in Lancaster, PA, an aqua pony from Morton & Bros from Newark, N. J. with an eagle on the front and the crystal palace motif on the reverse, a L. L. Belant porter from Newark, N. J. with a record three slug plates, a new A. W. Rapp variation from New York, N. Y., a blue soda from D. L. Ormsby of New York, N. Y., a W & R porter found in Lancaster, PA, a H R L soda from Salem, N. J., a green pony from Chas. Grove from Columbia, PA., a Wm. Maack porter from Washington, D. C., a green W. Coughlan porter from Baltimore, MD, a green McKay soda from Baltimore, a taller variant of the P. Babb green soda with a plate from Baltimore, a green porter form L. Maicks & Co. of Reading, PA, a blue pony from F. Barth of Reading. PA., a blue pony from John Fehr of Reading, PA, a blue porter marked J. A. Richards, Reading, PA, a green porter from Taylor & Owens of Parkesburg, PA., a J. J. C. porter from Bristol, PA, a new variation of the sided blue Seitz & Bro of Easton, PA, a new variant of the J. Marbacher soda form Easton, PA, an green porter erroneously marked Raup & Eckert, Easton, PA, a green R. Howarth pony from Carbondale, PA., a green soda from J. Robinson of Scranton, a green J. Schuster porter from Danville, PA., a green porter from Wingert & Gresle from Pottsville, a teal porter of B. McGee of Mauch Chunk,  a green porter J. G. Field from Mauch Chunk, PA., a blue porter from T. & W. Siegfried and a green porter from T Siegfried both from Mauch Chunk, PA, a green porter from Callaghan of Mauch Chunk, PA, an aqua soda from D. Diamond of New Castle, PA, an aqua Fredrik List pony from Huntington, PA, a new variation of the Rutherford's sided mineral water from Cincinnati, OH, a H & K porter believed to be from Philadelphia, PA, a broken green porter that appears to be a P. Laswar from the Kensington section of Philadelphia, a new pony from George W. Felix of Harrisburg, PA, a green D. Wise pony from Allentown, PA, a green A. Raab Dyottville porter from Tamaqua, a new pony from C. Nusbaum of Weissport. PA, a new pony from J. & L. Bender of Lock Haven, PA, a blue A. Reinochl soda from Lebanon, PA and a blue and aqua J. Lake pony from Schenectady, NY.  A new porter marked F Z from Columbus, OH.  Two sealed and pontiled porters one marked Hoster & Co. from Columbus, OH and Morath & Co. from Newark, OH, a green F & B soda from Boston and finally a new Southern bottle from H. G. Scovel of Nashville, TN.

Added 21 new Codd bottles including a variation of the a new Thomas & Pruyn from Great Barrington, MA., a Pilgrim Bros, & Co. of Hamilton, ON, a new variant from the Consolidated Ice Co. Ltd from Hawaii, a No 42, two No 51 variants, two No 75,  a No 82, a No 95, from Codd & Co of New York and two new Codds from D. H. Smith of Yonkers, NY and another set of two marked F. B. of Fresno, CA, Three new base variations of Brinton & Brosius Codds from Philadelphia, PA., a new J. Cartun of Philadelphia, and an El Progresso from Cuba and two others  J. R. Bancroft & Co and a Whitefield from Barbados.  

Added 16 new gravitating stopper bottles; one from Brennan & Knauf of Saint Paul, MN, one from John Moore of Richfield Springs NY, a H. R. & H. Stone from Carbondale, PA, a J. H. Leh and a A. H. Reinbold, both from Bethlehem, PA, a Crusellas Rodriguez y Cia from Havana, another Havana bottle from La Espanola and one marked La Covadonga, one embossed Glazier, Shannon & Co., a base embossed A. F. Blood from Chico, California, a David Knox from Campbellford, Ontario, a Richard Genge from Kingston, Ontario, a John Dunn from Elmira, NY and three bottles from the Eagle Bottling Works of Elmira, NY.  

Added 4 new Roorbach's Floating Ball Stoppers including one from the Artesian Mfg & Bottling Co. of Waco, TX, one from D. E. Sawtelle of Bethlehem, PA, one from J. L. Jacobs of Cairo, NY, and one from J. R. Champlin of Laconia, NH.  Added 1 new Thasmo closure from  W. C. D. Genung of Honesdale, PA.  Added 1 new Christin Patent form Arthur Christin of Chicago, IL.

Added or updated 24 potteries and glass works including the Annapolis Glass Company as a glass manufacturer, the National Bottlers' Supply Company of New York City as a jobber, Joseph Bourne as a potter, and Goodwin Brothers as stoneware jobbers.  Identified the "B. P. B. Co." mark as belonging to the Belle-Pre Bottle Company of Alexandria, Virginia and updated its history.  Added history for the E. P. Reed & Company, the Frank E. Reed and Frank E. Reed & Co. glass works in Rochester and updated the history of the Rochester Glass Works.  Added the Queen City Glass and Eastern Glass Companies from Cumberland, MD.  Corrected the "S. G. Co." mark as belonging to the Severn Glass Company of Annapolis, Maryland and not the the Southern Glass Company of Richmond, Virginia.  Its history was also updated.  Added the Hawley Glass Company as a standalone entry.  Added histories of the following potters; John Cliff & Company form Lambert, England, Lovett & Lovett of Langley Mill, England, the Wallabout Pottery in Brooklyn, NY, Adams, Allison & Company of Middlebury, Ohio, and the Keystone Pottery Company of Rochester, PA.  Added Hastings & Hahn of New York city and John A. O'Neil of Boston, MA, as glass jobbers.  Added the following unknown manufactures or jobbers; W. S. H., H. & F., H. L. of New York City, and I-R Company.  Added more Pittsburgh glass works directory listings for the years 1891-1895 and Boston glass works entries for 1885 to 1911.

Added 6 new closures including new beer bottle closures of Frederick Kutscher invented in 1869, Bloeser's bail closure invented in 1888, the Aluminum Seal invented in 1895, and Abbott's Imperial Bottle cap invented in 1902.  Two soft drink closures were added including ground glass stoppers and metal caps. 

Added 4 new lip styles including: applied ring, rounded collar with square band, tapered collar with indent, and double chiseled ring.

Added 4 new base types that appear pottery beer bottles including Smooth Based, Concentric Rings, Sequential Straight Lines, and Molded Base.  

Added 1 new shape for pottery cider bottles. 

Added 3 new subcategories, one called "Primitive Pottery" for early pottery bottles, "Sample Bottles" for sample bottles and "Salesman's Sample" for sample closure bottles.

Added counties to listings for Canadian firms.

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