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Over 34,465 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,000 new bottlesOver 1,500 new and improved pictures have been added!  A big Sodas & Beers' thanks to Scott Wallace of Maple Leaf Auctions for permission to use pictures from the auctions on this site.  This will go a long way to help populate pictures for rarer Canadian bottles.  I was able to process all auction pictures for the year, but still have a backlog email contributions.

Added 10 new pontiled bottles. An aqua pony from H. Grone & Co. of Saint Louis, a variation of a blue soda bottle from J. & A. Dearborn, New York, NY, a blue P. Farrell and an E. Hughes, both  from Philadelphia, PA, a new J. J. Freedley variant from Norristown, PA, a Rock Bridge Alum Water from Alum Springs, VA, a light green porter marker Peter Worrall from Nether Providence, PA, a new variant of a Dyottville Glass Works porter, an unembossed Pittsburgh porter, and a variation of the Premium Mineral Waters sided green soda.

Added 5 new Codd Patent bottle; one bottles from A. Seilheimer from Hackensack, NJ. a new variant of the Thomas & Pruyn from Great Barrington, MA, two new Pilgrim Bros. & Co. variants from Hamilton, ON, and one from the Excelsior Beverages Co. of Toronto, ON.  Added 5 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from Smith & Drury of Albion, NY, a H. Downes & Co. from New York, one from Corcoran & Ready of Jersey City, NJ, a A. Fralick from Orillia, ON,  and a variation of the F. Diffin from St. Catharines, ON.  Added 2 new Matthews 1872 Beer Stopper one from G. Fingar of Upper Red Hook, NY, and another from W. S. Lathrop from Champion, NY.  Added 1 new Albertson Stopper from William Eagle of New York, NY.  Added 2 new Stuarts Stopper, one from Robert Elting of Hudson, NY and a second from John Arto of Houston, Texas.   Added 2 new Roobach Floating Ball Stopper from the Lone Star Bottling Works of Corsicana, TX and another from Gustav Schaefer of Wilmington, DE.  Added 1 new Thasmo stopper  from the Krause Bottling Works of Wilmington, DE.

Added History Notes for William Massey & Successors, Dated Stoneware Bottles, Samuel Smith and the Washington Smith Pottery, and Mills B. Espy.

Added New Functionality of Maps under the History menu item. This includes statistical information about bottles on the site.

Updated the Article, Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles with new information on Neale & Co., Adam W. Rapp, and Robert Flanagan and the confirmation of his second bottle with a picture.

Added 1 Soda Shape; The Globe shape that was used 1900-1920.

Added 3 Beer Closure; Two variants of the Hutter porcelain stopper one by Charles De Quillfeldt of Amityville, NY and date August 10, 1897 and a second by Charles De Witt of Baltimore, MD and dated September 7, 1897, and an 1883 Lloyd's patent stopper by Edwin L. Lloyd of Philadelphia, PA.

Added several Plate Molds for the Western Glass Manufacturing Company of Denver.

Updated Counts of bottles with makers marks.

Updated the Pennsylvania Directory listings to include the 1913, 1916, 1919 and 1922 Industrial Directories' entries for bottle makers and a few other categories.

Updated the Pittsburgh Directory listings to include 1903 and 1904 and other miscellaneous entries.

Updated the Boston Directory listings to include 1903 entries.

Added 3 new manufacturer; The Spring City Glass Works Limited of Spring City, PA, D. Bottle Works from an unknown location, and Beck, Phillips & Company of Pittsburgh, PA.

Changed manufacturer of T. C. Co. to the actual T. Campbell Company of Pittsburgh and added history and references.

Updated Notes on Harry W. Streeter's glass works.

Added actual locations to the Glasgow, Scotland Potteries.

Added 3 new potteries; James Stiff & Sons of Lambeth, England, the Possil Pottery, Glasgow, Scotland, and the Glass Brothers & Company of London, ON.

Added 4 new jobbers; The E. Packham Jr., & Company of Baltimore, MD, Benjamin Boley of New York City, NY, Manufacturers' Bottle Company of Boston, MA, and the Koscherak Siphon Bottle Works, of Hoboken, NJ.

Updated information on the American Glass Works of Redman Mills and Boley Manufacturing Company of New York City, NY.

Add 4 New Collector's Shelves Early Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Puce bottles.

Fixed Google Maps; had to get a license to continue to use mapping functions.

Moved the 2018 what's new to an archive page and created created a clean version of what's new for 2019. 


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