What's New 2016


Over 31,500 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 100 new bottles. A small update, but some site improvements were added.  Over 200 new and improved pictures have been added!

Added 6 new pontiled bottles. A blue green Saratoga shaped bottle marked Albany Glass Works from Albany, NY.  An aqua Hanbury Smith Seltzers Water bottle from New York City, NY.  A new J. Tyler porter marked Union Glass Works from Philadelphia, PA. Two porter bottles of E. C. Ware of Lancaster, PA; one with Union Glass Works and a private mold without.  Finally, a J. J. Sprenger porter from Lancaster, PA.

Added 1 new Codd Patent bottle; a variation of the License No. 82. Added 1 new Roorbach 1885 bottles marked C. J. Siegfried from Mount Carmel, PA.

Updated 2 Beer Closure; The patent for the Darlington Stopper was found by Harry Eichman.  It is actually a design patent by Peter J. Gross in 1897 and is now listed as the Gross Closure.  Also cleaned up the A. B. C. patent.

Added a new feature to link to articles on bottlers and manufactures from the show bottle page.

Added a new feature to add the years a firm was in business to the show bottles page.

Added a new feature called Notes on recent findings and items of interest.
Fixed the a problem with truncated links on web site links that was causing a disjointed presentation..


Over 31,400 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,450 new bottles.  Important additions were from the Carol Ambruster collection of West Philadelphia bottles, the Rusty Frye collection of early Southern sodas and beers, over 400 new New York City bottles from various sources, New England bottles catalogued from the book Antique Blob Top Bottles Central And Southern New England and other sources, and early Texas bottles submitted by Brandon DeWolfe.  Over 2,365 pictures have been added!  Sorry for the delay to all my contributors.

Added 26 new pontiled bottles. An aqua pony from Lampe & Boschultz of Quincy, IL. A new M. Piris variation from New Orleans, LA.  A Conant's Mineral Water bottle with reversed letters an another Conant bottle marked simply "C" from New Orleans, LA. A new variation of the Barrack mineral water bottle from New Orleans, LA. A green pony of L. Petersen of Petersburg, VA, a green Roseberry eagle soda from Alexandria, VA,  A Furgeson bottle with a Mexican off with his head but not overcut with the P. D. F. initials from Cincinnati, OH, a deep aqua pony variation from Cairns Timmermann Block & Co. of Saint Louis MO, green pony marked I. C. W. from Providence, R. I., a green M. T. Crawford brown Stout bottle from Hartford, CT, a Saratoga type bottle from Fisher, Riker & Co., a new blue A. W. Rapp soda and green J. F. Barker & Co., from Syracuse, NY, a new S. Smith variant all from New York, NY, a green porter marked P. B. M. of Sunbury, PA, a light green A. Raab porter from Tamaqua, PA,  a green porter from John Zimmerman from Schuylkill Haven, PA,  this was previously reported with a smooth base.  A green OP Roussel variation, a new Pfommer oval plate porter, a Wm Richie porter, a Hubbell drug store shaped mineral water, a green J. Marlow Brown Stout, a green porter marked F. Bofinger, all from from Philadelphia, a variant of a Phila Porter & Ale bottle, and a very early green soda simply marked H. W. E.  Also a green torpedo of the pontil era marked Edward W Bradley and "Iron Water" from Flushing, NY.

Added 3 new Codd Patent bottle; a variation of the Ashworth & Jackson from Lonsdale, RI, one from R. Weller from Saratoga, NY, and a third from Simeon Jones of Saint John, NB. A new Albertson Stoppered stoppered bottle of Cherry & Stripp of New York, NY.   Added 3 new Gravitating Stopper bottles, one from G. Burgess & Son from Staten Island, NY, a second from Mandaville & Williams of Albany, NY, and a third from F. T. Van Housen of Little York, NY.  A new Roorbach 1883 bottle from E. Sheehan of Augusta GA.  3 new Roorbach 1885 bottles one of Hix & Dupuy from Bramwell , WV and a second from  Geo. J. Burgess, of  Arapahoe NE, and a new variation of the Artesian Mfg & Bottling Co. of Waco, TX.

Updated the Article, Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles (1810-1844) with new information on J. Maicks and pictures of early Roussel bottles and Finley & Phin.

Added 19 New Collector's Shelves, highlighting many bottles from the Rusty Frye collection.

Added 1 new Beer Closure; The Darlington closure used approximately 1895-1905.

Added 3 new Categories; Household, Snuff, Wine.
Added 4 new Potteries; The Macomb Stoneware Company of Macomb, IL, John Clark & Company of Troy, NY, Brady & Ryan of Ellenville, NY, and the A. W. Buchan & Company pottery of Portobello, Scotland.  Added 1 new Bottle Jobber; Smith, Addis & Company of Bridgeport, CT. Changed the maker, who used the E. G. Co. mark from the Eastern Glass Company of Cumberland, Maryland to the Everett Glass Company, Limited of Everett, Pennsylvania based on new research on marked bottles and the known products of each firm.

Fixed the Source name from a number to the actual name and cleaned up extraneous lines.

Moved the 2015 what's new to an archive page and created created a clean version of what's new for 2016. 


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