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Over 35,945 bottles are now listed with the addition of over 1,485 new bottles.  A major effort was undertaken to catalogue all of the beer bottles from the Western United States.  This includes California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.  All of the known bottles of Maine have been catalogued.  All of Maine's, Vermont's, New Hampshire's, and Alaska's Hutchinson bottles have been assigned the Hutch Book numbers.  Bottles from the state of Kansas have been reviewed and all pre-Hutchinson soda bottles and all pre-crown beer bottles have been catalogued.  Additionally, any Kansas town that has a pre-crown soda or beer bottle has a least one bottle catalogued.  Over 875 new and improved pictures have been added!   I still have a backlog email contributions.

Added New Directory Functionality which has a couple of components.  First, when searching for bottles for a specific firm, on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages a link called "Show History" may show up next to the name of the firm.  This link appears when there are related articles, notes, or directory listings available for the firm.  Clicking on the link will open a page listing the available articles, notes, and directory listings.  Clicking on the "Read Document" link will display the relevant information.  Second, under the "History" menu on the left side navigation bar, is a link called "Directories," which opens a page with links to glass related directories listings, by city or state, and a second link to a page that allows the user to dynamically search the database for directory listings by name, occupation, city, state and years.  When the directory listing for the firm has bottles listed on the site, the directory listing becomes a link that will list the know bottles for the firm.  Effectively, you can drill into the directories from bottles and from directories into the bottles. Nearly full coverage can be found for New Bedford, MA, Jacksonville, FL, Schenectady, NY, Amsterdam, NY, Leavenworth, KS, Providence, RI and Manchester, NH.  Partial coverage is available for Rhode Island, New Hampshire. Brooklyn and New York City thru 1859 and Philadelphia after 1864.  Other cities coverage will be spotty or not at all.  A final comment is that mainly "business" directory listings were recorded and not all firms at all times paid to be included these additional listings.  I "did not" in most cases check the individual directory listings for these firms, so even if you don't find an entry, they may be listed in the resident directory chapter of the directory.  There are currently over 29,900 directory listings on the site.

Added New Documents Functionality which attaches various excepts from books, pamphlets, or any paper document and links these to the firms that are listed on this site.  This includes bottlers, brewers, mineral water manufactures, glass works or other firms.  These documents will be included in a list of links available "Show History" link next to the firm name on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages. 

Added New Newspaper Functionality which attaches various articles from newspapers and links these to the firms that are listed on this site.  This includes bottlers, brewers, mineral water manufactures, glass works or other firms.  These articles will be included in a list of links available "Show History" link next to the firm name on the "Bottle Search Results" and "Show Bottle" pages. 

Added 11 new pontiled bottles. An early green soda simply marked Ira Harvey from Providence, RI.  An aqua pony marked H. Graser & Co. from Leavenworth, KS.  A green porter from Wm Foord of Wilmington, DE.  A green porter marked J. Horner from Pottsville, PA.  An aqua porter marked J. Marlow in an oval slug plate, a green porter marked E. & P. Stinson, a green porter from P. Duross in a double slug plate, a green porter marked G. Weckert, and blue porter variant from P. Conway all four from Philadelphia, PA.  An aqua soda from George Scribner of Indianapolis, IN. A green porter marked M. McGunigal from an unknown location, but believed to be from Pennsylvania.

Added 2 new Codd Patent bottles; one bottles from H. Codd & Co. marked No 32 from New York City, NY, and another from Rylands & Codd marked No 62 from Barnsley England.  Added 4 new Gravitating Stoppers a bottle from J. Broad of Port Perry, ON a second from W. H. Wilson of Portsmouth, VA, a third from T. C. Iwersen from Selma, AL and a fourth embossed Henry Busch, from Baton Rouge, LA.  The second is the first gravitating stopper bottle from Virginia and leaves South Carolina and Mississippi as the only Southern States not having Gravitating Stoppered bottles.  Added 1 new A. B. C. Co. Stopper marked J. C. Everett from New Haven, CT.  Added 2 new Roobach Floating Ball Stopper one from John Franz of Croton Falls, NY, and another from Jones & Bareford of Waretown, NJ.  Added 1 new Thasmo stopper  from the J. Schneider of Crown Point, NY.

Added Links to History Notes for Gary Flynn's Brewery Gems Web Site with articles on brewers from Washington, Oregon, and California.  These links will appear when firms or bottles are searched where historical information is available.

Added History Notes for Best Soda Bottle, Edmund S. Clark & His Mobile Bottles, Dated New Hampshire Bottles.

Started an Article on the Earliest Mississippi Bottles.  Part 1, Natchez Bottles is completed.  Others parts are a work in process.

Updated the Article, Early Soda & Mineral Water Bottles with some new information.

Added 2 Bottles to the Pottsville Collectors Shelf; Including a new pontiled bottle from J. Horner and a green quart from John Wingert.

Added 2 Bottles to the Wheeling Collectors Shelf; Including a new export beer embossed L. S from L. Snider and a pottery beer marked J. Thoner & Co.

Added 1 new pottery; Erastus Wentworth of Norwich, CT.

Added Bookmarks on the beer and soda closures page.  The bookmark names are revealed by hovering your mouse over the closure image.  If you hyperlink to either of these pages, and add the "#" and bookmark name to the end of the URL, the link will go directly to that page and the bookmarked closure will be shown.  To link directly to the Hutchinson closure, the following will work: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABBottleClosuresSoda.htm#Hutchinson  This functionality is also supported for manufacturers where the manufacturer number is the bookmark.  These are exposed by hovering your mouse over the manufacture mark images.  For example, to link to the Illinois Glass Company's manufacturing history, the following link including the bookmark can be used: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABBottleManufBeerSoda.htm#50414

Moved the 2019 what's new to an archive page and created created a clean version of what's new for 2020. 


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