City, County, State, and Regional directories are useful tools in dating the firms that marked and labeled bottles.  The site now offers a collection of directory listings to help collectors, researchers, and archeologists identify pertinent information about the firms that used soda and beer bottles.

The directory collection consists of two distinct sets of information.  The are as follows:

  1. Glass Works Related Directory Listings Links are here to pages that list glass manufacturing, fabricators and jobbers that may be related to bottle production by a specific city or state.  Much of this information is not present in the Directory Listing Search Tool.
  2. Directory Listing Search Tool This tool allows a user to customize a search for a specific firm, city, state, or occupation.  A year filter allows for the restriction of the search to a specific range of years.  The listing included those that have bottles listed on this site as well as those where there are no bottles currently known. Additionally, it also provides links to bottles that are related to the listed directory entries.  When searching for bottles, the directory listings associated with the firm that produced the bottles are provided by clicking on the "See History" link next to the firm name.  There are over 29,904 directory listings accessible in this tool.

Click on the links above to get directory information on bottles that you are researching.

This information is by no means complete. This information has been manually transcribed from directories of many different cities and states. As these were manually transcribed, there may be mistakes.

If you would like to contribute "transcribed" directory listing to this collection, please contact me at and I can make arrangements to get this information loaded into it.

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