Collector's Shelves

The links below will display virtual collector's shelves of bottles that have been specially prepared.  Clicking on the link will display the shelf.

Throughout the site you may see the shelf icon (Shelf) and by clicking on it you will create a shelf of the bottles on the presented list or item, such as a manufacturer or bottle closure.  A maximum of 80 bottles will be shown on a shelf and only the first bottle pictured will be shown.  Therefore, if there are ten photos of a specific bottle, only the first will be shown.  So you may not get the exact results you are expecting.  For example, if you search on blue pontiled porter bottles and "shelf" the results, you may see a green bottle pictured as the green example is the first one pictured.  The exception to this is the shelf icon that appears on the show bottles page, which will show all of the pictures available for that bottle on a shelf.  Clicking on a bottle on a shelf will show the show bottles page and allow you to then show all the pictures for that bottle.

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